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The development of the millions city

 With a growing population of 8.5 million inhabitants (2014), the capital is continuously expending to the nearby suburbs. The old and nostalgic side of Bangkok is everywhere visible, think of the precious temples, tuk tuk’s and street markets. On the other hand Bangkok faced some impressive developments as can be seen in the recently designed shopping malls, high rooftop restaurants and increased transportation systems.

Bangkok’s history Few Chinese merchants were living in the villages near the Gulf of Thailand, trading with sailors passing the area on their way to Ayutthaya. At that time, nobody would have guessed that this would become one of the major hubs in the world. Phraya Chakri, crowned as King Rama I, became the first monarch of the Chakri dynasty (which is currently still the ruling royal house) in 1782. He feared of Burmese attacks upon the capital Thonburi and decided to shift the city from the east to the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. The king built a massive temple complex including luxurious palaces and Buddhist monasteries followed by the constructions of natural canals and waterways. Many workforces were needed to complete these tasks, mostly prisoners of war from Laos, West-Cambodia. Also Thai labor forces contributed to the constructions of the new capital in change for tax exemption. Following kings continued with the further development of the city. The capital was housing a population of half a million people in the end of the 19th century. Streets were further improved, the harbor extended and modernized systems were implemented (such as: education, justice and health care). During the political revolution in 1932, Thailand changed from an absolute monarchy into a constitutional one. Over the years Bangkok continued to develop. Why visiting Bangkok? The modern Bangkok is a fascinating millions city, easily reachable all over the world, with activities for young and old. Stumble upon one of Bangkok’s numerous temples or explore the city by boat and visit at one of Bangkok’s floating markets. Eating the delicious tropical food is a must weather it is at one of the stalls along the streets or in a roof-top restaurant with an overview of the city. For some culture Chinatown is the place to be in Bangkok and the party district Kao San is always full of people. Shopping lovers should visit the impressive big malls, selling almost every brand. To conclude, enough to do in Bangkok now decide