Ratchaprarop Road, City Center Bangkok

About Pratunam

The greater Pratunam area at walking distance of many sights and attractions such as King Power Duty-free store and the Pratunam wholesale market. Pratunam itself is a district that is always easy to find as the second tallest building throughout the city as well as the country is located in the neighbourhood. With an impressive 88 floors, the Baiyoke Tower II is easy to spot and marks the location of the area.

hotel de bangkokPratunam itself is most known for its shopping, offering a wide variety of shops ranging from IT to wholesale outlets offering about anything you could possibly need during your holiday stay in Thailand. The markets offer something for everyone and the prices are affordable so everyone can find something to their liking. The Pratunam market is a colourful and chaotic one, offering cheap prices which can go down even more by buying wholesale.

Pratunam is located just north of central Bangkok and is on walking distance of the big shopping malls such as CentralWorld and Siam Paragon, it also has 2 BTS stations and 2 airport link stations, conveniently connecting Pratunam with the rest of the city and making it a perfect base for exploring Bangkok. The south of Pratunam consists out of many shopping malls and markets as mentioned above while the northern part has the King Power Duty-free store as well as many possibilities for street food and the Victory Monument.

All in All Pratunam is a diverse neighbourhood combining the local feel as well as inviting tourist attractions such as shopping, local Thai food, and easily accessible public transport to reach the rest of the city. Thus Hotel de Bangkok is perfectly located in the middle of Pratunam making it a great base for shopping as well as exploring the city.

King Power Duty Free

kingpowerThe Duty free King Power shop is located on a walking distance, providing many different brand name products, unique gifts, exclusive products, and much more. If you do not have enough spare time to explore the shops in the airport, then shopping at King Power is the best solution as it has all the great products of the airport shops, without the added stress of airports itself. Take your time to look around the King Power shop, which has 16 years of service experience to its name. You can order your products at the King Power and pick them up at the airport when you are leaving. King Power Duty Free is located in-between Hotel de Bangkok and Victory Monument and is easy to reach with only a 5 to 10 minute walk. There is plenty of places to eat around the King Power shop as well, ranging from international restaurants to many street food stalls.

Victory Monument

vtmThe Victory Monument has been built in 1941, to commemorate the fallen in the Franco-Thai War as well as memorializing soldiers, policemen and civilians. However, it is mainly known as one the biggest traffic hotspots within Bangkok. The Monument is reachable by BTS as well as a dozen different busses that go to many different places throughout the area. Because of it being such as a mass station, many shopping malls, fast-food shops and street food stalls have been popping up over the years. The area brings a change to the other big shopping malls in Bangkok as Victory Monument has more of an emphasis on the Thai local, offering a more authentic en simplistic style. The Monument is an approximate 15 minute walk from the hotel with plenty of places to eat, drink or shop on the way.

Pantip Plaza shopping centre


Pantip is the technological hotspot of Bangkok, housing many stores from small to big name ones offering anything from DVDs to new computers. The shops all sell a variety of products, with many selling brand new products while many sell second hand products. The mall consists out of 5 floors, and definitely provides a great shopping spot for the tech-savvy ones. Pantip is located just next to the Platinum shopping mall, close to the Pratunam Wholesale Market.

The Pratunam Market


The Pratunam market is located close to the Baiyoke tower and offers a wide range of shopping goods such as accessories, handicrafts, clothing and much more. The products are available for men and women, in all sizes, making it the perfect place to buy your souvenirs for the ones back at home. Besides the shopping, there are many food shops & stalls located around the area and thus a great place for some delicious food. The market is big enough for a tourist to spend a full day walking around and enjoying the food. Furthermore, the market is only a 5 minute walk away from Hotel de Bangkok and thus a great hotel near Pratunam to explore the area.

Baiyoke Tower


As said before, the Baiyoke tower is the second highest building in Thailand, this makes it a useful landmark to recognize the area but it also provides many facilities such as a revolving roof deck, few restaurants and a shopping complex all in one building. The six level mall is at the bottom of the hotel and is all about clothing, providing a great variety for your shopping delight. The revolving deck will cost you a little money (300 baht) but it is most definitely worth it. You have an incredible view over the skyline of Bangkok, the revolving deck is located on the 84th floor while the viewing deck is at the 77th floor. All in all the Baiyoke tower is a versatile place located in the centre of Pratunam and offering something for everyone. Baiyoke is located at an approximate 5 minutes’ walk from Hotel de Bangkok.

Rangnam Alley

Rangnam alley is located approximately 200 meter of Hotel de Bangkok and is a side street that provides a great spot to enjoy some delicious food, massages and places to have a drink. The street has a few international restaurants with dishes like steak, burgers and pasta on the menu as well as plenty of delicious street food options, ranging from noodle dishes to many barbeque spots. The street also houses a few bars where you can have a drink and watch some sports on the television. At the end of the street is a small pop-up bar where you can have some food and a few drinks while enjoying some delicious street food & live music.