How to travel in Bangkok with no bored

When you think to travel in Bangkok, What’s on your mind? Is it a Travel Theme such as Temple’s like Emerald Temple, Gardens like Sanam Luang , Royal places like Grand Palace or Department Store. But, Bangkok has a lot more places to travel.


  1. Museums

In Bangkok have a lot of museums. It’s not like traditional museums because today museum in Bangkok renovate and has creation’s to show – How beautiful its culture was? And, it’s still preserving that culture in heart of Bangkokians. The Recommended museums in Bangkok is National museums, Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall , Museum Siam  and Siriraj Medical Museum

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  1. Street Market

In Bangkok have a lot of foods; you won’t bore of verities of Thai food. You should go to street market. For today in Bangkok have a lot of street markets and street restaurant for the recommended street market is Ratchada Train market, JJ Green Market, Ramindha Tollway Market or Event Market such as Art Box.

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  1. Eco Trip

Although Bangkok has a lot of building but it has places for eco travel too like Bangkrachao. You can ride a bicycle for touring around and join local people for activities such as learning about Indigo dyed cotton or when you’re hungry in Bangkrachao have float market name Bangnamphueng float market.



  1. Take a cool picture

Bangkok has a lot of chic building. The popular place is Central Post Office Bangrak , Bangrak Fire Station , Rama 8 Bridge If you love Street Style you can walk around China Town and Siam Square for snap a cool picture.


Credit : P O R S U K E


  1. Admire the Night at Bangkok

Bangkok at the day is do beautiful But Bangkok at the night is most beautiful because somewhere they open light for that place. It makes a place different more than a day. For a place have lighting at the night is Emerald Temple, Rajadamnern Road (in December) , Pom Phra Sumen


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