Thai Desserts

Thailand is famous for its cuisine, as rich as delicious; but we do not hear a lot about Thai desserts or delicacies… Sweet dishes are numerous and available in a number of ways. A same dessert could be served differently according to what you ask for, the ingredients available or the way it is cooked by hawkers. Let’s describe some of them…

Khao Niew Mamuang is a dessert made of coconut flavored sticky rice. It could also be served with fruits. In this case, the name would change. If it is served with mango for instance, it is called Khao Niew Mamuang.

Thai Desserts
Thai Desserts

Kanom krog is a kind of coconut pancake, which could be savored as they are or filled with herbs, corn, or any other vegetables. The pastry is a mixture of rice flour, sugar and coconut cream. Then, it is cooked in a ceramic baking pan composed of several small half spheres. Enough cooked, half spheres are putting together and formed one a unique piece.

Kanom Bueng looks like a small thin crêpe, usually folded in two or rolled. Inside, there is a bit of a white and sweet cream decorated with small golden filaments.

Those desserts are quite easy to find, selling by hawkers in the street. Most of the time they are made on demand and the price is quite attractive. So let’s try it!

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