Taste The Way Bangkokians Eat

Do you have been to wonder…? What Bangkokian eats every day? Today we’ll present top 5 menu of Bangkokians choice and it can guide when you no idea for meals when you stay in Bangkok. 🙂

Thai salad is Yum… Yum have a lot of style you can use instant noodle for cooked and call Yum Mama, or use feed egg and call Yum Kai Dao… If you see Thai salad bar you will see a lot of raw material and you can use it for made to order too.

The most Thai BBQ in Bangkok is Buffet. You can choose a lot of meat, vegetable and fish ball. You can grill and boil in one time. This BBQ is the most top choice when you want to meeting with your friends. In Bangkok have a la cart course and Buffet. Somewhere they have seafood and beer buffet too.

Easy Food of Bangkok is amazing. You can create menu from raw material you can choose Pork, Chicken or Crispy pork for cooked what you want to eat. You can order Kaprao Crispy Pork with dippy egg, and more…

If you don’t have more time to eat or waiting food, Thai fast food is your choice. You can see them in every food court. Thai Fast food most have rice and more dish. You can choose for 1 or 2 or 3 dish up to you but the price will be according you choose dish too. In Thai call this meal is Khao Rad Kang (ข้าวราดแกง)

Papaya Salad and Chicken grill is top menu of Bangkokians. If you want to have lunch or dinner with your friends Papaya salad is first choice. Except papaya salad and chicken grill you can order Lap Nam-tok and E-Sarn soup.