Songkran 2017 has come to an end

The Songkran Festival has officially come to an end and many offices are opening up again. While some people took an extended weekend up to Monday or Tuesday, most of the city is starting to go back to normal again. The hundreds of litres of water has all been dried and cleaned up, the chalk has been washed away and homes has been cleaned. All in all it was another great Songkran with a great combination of festivities, parties, tradition and loads of water.

The death of the late beloved king is still a fresh wound in Thailand and thus there was put more emphasis on cultural and peaceful festivities throughout the country. Although it did not stop the many parties happening in Thailand, it did show that Songkran can be a great festival as well without an excessive amount of drinking. Amazing Songkran Experience Festival 2017 showed this as well, embracing the cultural background of the festival days before the official festival even started, which made for great pleasure for young and old.


Safety first!

Besides the festivities of Songkran, there is some less pleasant news as well. The festival is a yearly cause for many road accidents and this year is of no change. Although the amount of deaths has decreased by 18% in comparison to last year, the death toll is still at the staggering amount of more than 250 deaths spread out over the festival. So something to remember for the next time you are spending your time soaking wet in Thailand, drive safe, do not drink and drive and wear a helmet!

Now, more about the fun parts of Songkran. The biggest water fights in Bangkok were at Khao San Road and Silom Road with Khao San being the traveller’s favourite spot and Silom Road a spot that is seen as most attractive by the locals. Siam itself had many big water fights going on as well, although they were a little bit less extreme and thus perfect for all ages. Besides the spontaneous water fights across the city and country, there were also many big parties such as S2o. S2o has been a 3 day festival with plenty of big DJ names such as Jonas Blue, Mathew Koma and Yellow Claw.

Now, Bangkok isn’t the only place where Songkran was happening. Chiang Mai is often seen as the place with the wildest and most fun water fights, which was not any different this year. The hundreds of trucks rode by as the people in the back threw water over the thousands of tourists and locals alike. The provinces in the east of Thailand have definitely enjoyed their Songkran as well, putting more emphasis on the traditional way of Songkran.

All in all it has been an amazing Songkran Festival and we are looking forward to see you again next year!

songkran end