JJ Green Night Market

Didn’t do enough shopping during the day? JJ Green Market is the night time counterpart of Chatuchak weekend market. Where Chatuchak weekend market closes at 6 pm, JJ green opens at 5 pm, so you can walk straight from the one to the other. JJ Green market offers a range of permanent shops, restaurants and bars, and also, locals spread out their goodies in temporary stalls or just from their car on the car park. Market highlights Just like at Chatuchak weekend market, one can find almost Read more [...]
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Chatuchak market; a structured chaos

When in Bangkok for the weekend, Chatuchak market is thé place to go shopping. With over 15,000 stalls, it is one of the biggest weekend markets in the world. Chatuchak market found its origin 70 years ago, and has relocated many times, before getting a permanent venue at Chatuchak in 1982. Every weekend, over 200,000 tourists and locals visit the market to try to get the best deals in Bangkok. Don’t be afraid to barter! Put on your best smile and try politely to get a good price. It is okay to Read more [...]
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Exploring the famous temples of Bangkok

Whether you are in Bangkok for just a day, a week, or even a month, a visit to some of the many famous temples in Bangkok is a definite must. While the Grand Palace houses some immaculate temples, we will be focusing on some other temples with a more in-dept. look into these fascinating constructions. Wat Saket, better known as the Golden Mountain. In the centre of the historic centre of the city is the temple Wat Saket. This temple dates back from the Ayutthaya era (around 1300-1700) and was Read more [...]

Top 3 Daytrips from Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city and has enough to offer to spend your time here for weeks in a row, whether it’s in the immediate area of the inner city or the surroundings and other nearby cities, parks, and islands. It is impossible to explain everything there is to do in Bangkok and its surrounding areas in just one blog, so this specific blog will be about the potential daytrips you can undertake from Bangkok. All of these trips can be done in a day, as that’s the whole definition of a day trip. Read more [...]