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Top 3 Famous Street Food in Bangkok

As many of you might have seen in one of the many news articles posted online, there were talks of street food being entirely removed and banned from the city. While this news is something that brings worries to the locals and tourists alike it should not be fretted about all too much as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has clarified that it mainly concerns stricter regulations.

This might mean that more changes to the street food could possibly happen in the future, but for now the world’s food capital is a safe haven for the foodie visitors flocking in. According to BMA, the main changes concerning the many food stalls are stricter regulations such as universal hygiene standards and reflecting local identities. Congested street, foreign workers and unhygienic food are among the reasons for these regulations. But as said before, fear not as the bbqs are still warming up the delicious meet, the wok pans creating delicious stir-fried meals and a dozen other dishes creating a delight in your taste buds.

So what does this mean for you as a visitor in the next few months? Honestly, most probably not much. Although laws and rules can change quite rapidly in Thailand, street food is such an inherent part of the city and the country that we cannot imagine it disappearing all that quickly. Your local friendly street food master chef might be wearing an apron and use utensils instead of using his hands to turn over all the meat. All in all this means that Bangkok is still an amazing place for street food and most definitely worth a visit.

Because of that, this short list has been created to give you an idea of where to eat some of that delicious street food here in Bangkok. Although the city is filled with street food on literally every corner ensuring that you are always just a few steps away from your next tasty meal, there are definitely some hot spots where you can take it all in. Thus, enjoy this short list of hotspots that makes your taste buds go crazy.

1. Rangnam

Rangnam might not be an enormous street or market, but it offers plenty of delicious choices for everyone and is closely located to the hotel. This combination makes it a great spot worth checking out. The street is a combination of a park, a few hotels, some international orientated restaurants and a whole load of delicious street food stalls that pop up around the evening hours.

The street is divided in the middle by a little less crowded spot, where the King Power is located. So, during the day you can do all your desired shopping here. There are many spots to sit down in this street to get some delicious street food and there is a wide range of choices in dishes available as well. Ranging from Pad Thai and Som Tam, to some more traditional Isan dishes and restaurants.

The street is reachable by walking from Hotel de Bangkok, but if you came from somewhere else in the city your best bet is to take the BTS to Victory Monument, leave exit 2 and you will arrive at Rangnam road.
Tip: There is a little pop-up bar in the evening at the BTS side of the road. This bar has some live music from 8 or 9 on and is an excellent spot to have a cold and refreshing drink in-between the locals.

Victory monument
2. Victory Monument

Victory Monument is mainly known for its BTS Station and for being one of Bangkok’s main transportation hubs. Thousands of buses, cars, and motorbikes come flying by every day on the huge roundabout. While traffic is not what you are interested in, there is one golden rule in Thailand. If there are a lot of people, the place will be filled with food as well.

Surrounding the area is a wide range of many different street food stalls making it feel like a never ending spot to crave in on the delicious cuisine all around you. Whether you eat a simple barbeque skewer from a street stall or choose for a more typical experience at one of the Thai boat noodle restaurants, you will not be disappointed. The Thai boat noodle restaurants are on the northeast and northwest side of the roundabout and offer many delicious bowls and dishes of noodles.

The place is easily reachable by taking the BTS to Victory Monument and leaving at exit 3 or 4.
Tip: The Saxophone bar is located at the victory monument and is a favourite among locals and expats for great live jazz music.

3. Chinatown

Chinatown, or Yaowarat as it is commonly called is the place to be for street food in Bangkok, offering hundreds of choices with mostly Chinese roots to it, which most probable does not surprise you all that much as can be seen by the name of the street. While Yaowarat road is the most famous street of Chinatown, there are many more side streets that are worth checking out as well.

The place is great to walk around and see the many different kinds of food being offered. Also, the place is not a stranger to interesting food items such as suckling pig so if you want to experience then this is most definitely the place to be. During the day you can walk around and look at the many shops which subsequently get replaced by the many food stalls ranging from fresh fish to a bird’s nest soup.
Reaching China Town is a bit trickier than the first two spots but is still easily doable. Your best bet is to take a taxi directly towards Chinatown or take the MRT to Hua Lamphong station and walk or take a tuk-tuk/motor bike from there.

Tip: Close to China town is Pahurat, which is known as Little India. If you like Indian food, this is definitely a spot worth checking out.

All in all, it is a short list but most definitely gives you a taste of what Bangkok has to offer in street food. Enjoy your adventure into the culinary greatness that is Bangkok and let us know what you thought of it!