Concert in the Park Bangkok

At the end of December, the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra will start to perform the annual Concert in the Park again. For 8 Sundays, the public can come together and enjoy the harmonious sounds at Lumpini Park. This annual event is a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon in Bangkok. If you want to visit one of the performances, read on!



Over 2000 Bangkokians and visitors gather at Lumpini Park on the Sundays to see the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra perform. One might the the Orchastra only performs classical music, but that is not correct! Relax and lie down on the grass while listening to East-Asian and Thai classical tunes, but also Broadway songs and famous movie soundtracks, the ultimate Sunday afternoon!



Gather around Sala Bhirom Bhakdi, the pavilion in the middle of the garden, and listen to the musicians take you away. Enjoy with friends, picnic with family or have a break from social and go by yourself and just relax. If you want to sit close to the musicians and have a good view, come set up your plaid early in the afternoon, before the area gets busy. The weather in this time of year is mild, and especially in the afternoon, it will likely not be too hot.


The concerts will take place from 5.30 – 7.00 pm on:

  • 24 December
  • 7, 28 January
  • 4, 11, 18, 25 February
  • 4 March

Find the Sala Bhirom Bhakdi pavilion in the middle of Lumpini Park. Go here by MRT and get out at Silom MRT station. It’s a short walk from the station to the pavilion. Admission is free. You can find the whole program below.