Loy Krathong 2016  (1)

Where you can Loy Krathong in 2016

Loy Krathong Festival it’s celebrated for long time since Sukhothai era. Loy Krathong is rite for Phra mae Kong ka (She is a goddess of river). Every Year in Thailand have Loy Krathong festival and identity up to local cultures. In Bangkok have Loy Krathong to. It dispose at Public Park around Bangkok.

Loy Krathong 2016 (1)

Loy Krathong Festival Vanue at Bangkok
Santiphap Park GPS 13.761505, 100.540525
Lumphini Park GPS 13.732207, 100.543465
Jatujak Park GPS 13.803710, 100.553065
Wachirabenchatas Park GPS 13.813390, 100.553751
Saranrom Park GPS 13.748243, 100.495215
Rommaneenart Park GPS 13.748972, 100.502467
Santichaiprakarn Park GPS 13.764207, 100.495355
Benchasiri Park GPS 13.730682, 100.567785
Benchakitti Park GPS 13.725810, 100.558685
Rama 8 bridge Park GPS 13.769441, 100.495210
Other From This in other provinces in Thailand have Loy Krathong Festival too. And they have beautiful cultures with them original tradition and them local faith.

Loy krathong Festival at Sukhothai Historical Park

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Loy Krathong Festival at Sukhothai Historical Park on the 10-14 november 2016. It is original Loy Krathong Festival and highlight is Light and sound in historical park and on this period free entrance for loy krathong festival.

Yhee Peng Festival at Chiang mai

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Yhee peng Festival is about Lanna tranditional sky lanterns. They will arrange in Loy Krathong day. In Yhee Peng Festival have any activities such as Parade for Beautiful Krathong and soar sky lanterns. This year Yhee peng is on 12-15 November 2015 at around Chiangmai Moat

Original Loy Krathing at Mallika Ciry , Kanchanaburi

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For a new place in Sai Yok , Kanchanaburi “Mallika City R.E124” They have vintage concept for throwback to King rama5 era. And they have Loy Krathong Festival in 14 November 2016 5.00pm-9.00pm

Lampang traditional Loy Krathong “ Long Sa Pao Jao La Korn” 2016 , Lampang

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Long Sa Pao Jao La Korn is Traditional Loy Krathong in Lampang. Sa Pao is local language it’s mean argosy. Sa Pao are made from leaf sheath of banana tree , paper and decorate with flowers. Except loy sa po for apologize Phra Mea Khon Ka They believe about Loy Sa pao is made philanthropy to ancestry too. This Festival is in 14 November 2016 at Lampang City.