Bangkok is more than just a layover city

Flying in to Bangkok on Wednesday, go for a drink in the evening, go to a floating market on Thursday, see some temples Friday morning and fly to the next destination in the evening. Sounds like the average and perfect Bangkok stay right?
Although you might have had fun in this crazy city, there is so much you have missed. While it definitely is understandable that people want to leave this crowded city and go home or to a more peaceful and relaxing beach destination, rural city or a backpack town, there is much more to see in this city full of life. So the goal of this motivational text is not to get you to stay in Bangkok for weeks, but maybe you can be convinced to take a day or 2 longer.

Public transport, food and shopping

Alright here goes, you might be thinking; nice and all that there is so much to do in Bangkok, but it is way too hot, the traffic is horrendous and taxis & Tuk-Tuks are trying to rip me off at every street corner. Then I have got one answer for you, the BTS, MRT and Airport Rail-Link (alright, it might be 3 answers but you can form it together as public transport). They are all running through the whole modern centre of the city giving you easy access to all the hotspots in the city and the best part of it all is, all 3 of them have air conditioning installed inside.


While the temples and Khao San Road are both in the historical centre of the city. Many other noteworthy sights are in the newer part as well. Whether it is shopping, eating, sightseeing, relaxing, partying or anything in-between, Bangkok is the place for it all. Siam is seen as the heart and centre of the city and thus has many shopping malls and great places to eat. The shopping malls that are most definitely worth a visit are MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Siam Paragon and CentralWorld. All located close to each other making them easily reachable and worth of spending a few of your precious Bangkok hours. This can even be a fun few hours for the ones that are not big shopping fans. Siam Paragon has some beautiful cars in the top floor and CentralWorld has an ice skating rink on the top floor.
For eating you should be fine about anywhere throughout the city, but if you are afraid you might not get enough variety then the best choice is to go to some (floating) markets so that you can have small and quick bites and try all that culinary Thailand has to offer. 2 highly recommended markets are the Chatuchak market (JJ Market) in the weekends and Rod Fai Night Market 2 (Ratchada Train market). Both are easily accessible by public transport and worthy to spend a few hours on. Chatuchak is more for shopping some funny souvenirs and accessories while Ratchada has loads of bars and different food with a vintage and hipster vibe.

Tranquility amidst chaos

Although all these activities are definitely loads of fun and most of the public transport does have air-conditioning, it is understandable that you might need some rest and a little less crowded environment surrounding you. Therefore the parks offer a nice change of pace and give you time to relax and truly enjoy your stay in Bangkok. Get some food from the Chatuchak market and sit in the park located next to the market while enjoying some food and drink bought from the many vendors close by. Or go towards Lumpini Park and relax in the park close to the centre.


However, if there is one thing that you take away from reading, let it be this: ROOFTOPBAR. I am not talking about a little bar with a ‘rooftop’ on the second floor but one high in the sky to give you an amazing evening view of the city. With the many skyscrapers reaching up and beyond, it really does give you a magical feeling. There are many of them with some being classier than others but one of the best is Park Society Rooftop. This one stands out because of the stunning view over the largest and most popular Lumpini Park as well as its way of attracting younger crowds.
So, now you have got a little bit more of an in-depth knowledge of the city and the possible activities. See what you find interesting and what you like but please do not see this city as just a small stop-over as there is so much more to this beautiful city.

Photo Courtesy of AsiaWebDirect&geeky