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Exploring the famous temples of Bangkok

Whether you are in Bangkok for just a day, a week, or even a month, a visit to some of the many famous temples in Bangkok is a definite must. While the Grand Palace houses some immaculate temples, we will be focusing on some other temples with a more in-dept. look into these fascinating constructions. Wat Saket, better known as the Golden Mountain. In the centre of the historic centre of the city is the temple Wat Saket. This temple dates back from the Ayutthaya era (around 1300-1700) and was Read more [...]

Top 3 Daytrips from Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city and has enough to offer to spend your time here for weeks in a row, whether it’s in the immediate area of the inner city or the surroundings and other nearby cities, parks, and islands. It is impossible to explain everything there is to do in Bangkok and its surrounding areas in just one blog, so this specific blog will be about the potential daytrips you can undertake from Bangkok. All of these trips can be done in a day, as that’s the whole definition of a day trip. Read more [...]
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Top 3 Famous Street Food in Bangkok

As many of you might have seen in one of the many news articles posted online, there were talks of street food being entirely removed and banned from the city. While this news is something that brings worries to the locals and tourists alike it should not be fretted about all too much as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has clarified that it mainly concerns stricter regulations. This might mean that more changes to the street food could possibly happen in the future, but for now the Read more [...]

Songkran 2017 has come to an end

The Songkran Festival has officially come to an end and many offices are opening up again. While some people took an extended weekend up to Monday or Tuesday, most of the city is starting to go back to normal again. The hundreds of litres of water has all been dried and cleaned up, the chalk has been washed away and homes has been cleaned. All in all it was another great Songkran with a great combination of festivities, parties, tradition and loads of water. The death of the late beloved king Read more [...]